Cryptic Crossword for Sarah

This is a cryptic crossword that Jenny and I wrote for my sister for her birthday, and I thought it might be worth putting up here (with her permission) in case anyone wants to give it a try. Many of the answers were chosen because the word might have some particular meaning for her, but I think they should all be generally accessible words. 7a relies on a reference which may be unfamiliar to some, however. The intention was to make the clues pretty easy, since she’s a relatively new solver, and the grid we ended up with to fit in all the themed words is quite a tough one.

Here’s a link to a PDF of the crossword.






One response to “Cryptic Crossword for Sarah”

  1. Ewen Avatar

    Excellent crossword. As I would have expected perfectly formed with no dubious clues. Knowing Sarah and some Longair folklore did make it a tiny bit easier – I particularly enjoyed the various themes. As usual my cultural knowledge let me down, but the clues were clearly enough written for me to guess the answer and then shamefully find out the reference. I particularly enjoyed 2 down (nice Graham ref), and 14 down which was pretty ingenious, and of course 17 across, at which Mark often gets a text :-)

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