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  • Migrating YourNextRepresentative from PopIt to django-popolo

    This post was originally intended for the mySociety blog, but because of its length and technical content people suggested to me it might be more suitable for my own blog. This about the development of the YourNextRepresentative project (GitHub link), and in particular why and how we migrated its storage system from using the PopIt web service to […]

  • Printing out GitHub issues for triage or estimation

    On one of the projects I’ve been working on at mySociety had a large number of open issues, most of which hadn’t been looked at for some time, and didn’t have estimates of difficulty. To address this we tried a variation of an exercise that’s suggested in “The Scrum Field Guide” in the chapter called […]

  • Public Whip for the Scottish Parliament

    Summary You can now use The Public Whip to track the voting record of MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament) on the issues that you care about.  If you’re interested in this, please help out by creating “policies” on the site that represent how an imaginary “single issue MSP” would vote.  This will enable us […]