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  • Some enjoyable things from 2017

    Some enjoyable things from 2017

    2017 was a pretty crap year in lots of ways; I tried to write quite a broad review of what went well and badly from my point of view in order to take stock, but that very rapidly sprawled, so I’ve cut that draft down to this post, which is about mostly about cultural things […]

  • Great British Bake-Off Visualizations

    Great British Bake-Off Visualizations

    For the last couple of years of The Great British Bake Off, I’ve been playing Fantasy Bake Off with colleagues and friends. It’s a fun and silly thing to do: each week you pick who you think will be star baker, who’ll come top of the technical challenge, and so on. The problem with this […]

  • When does Columbo first appear in each episode?

    When does Columbo first appear in each episode?

    I made the graph below for a short talk I gave about the TV series “Columbo”, which I think is a marvellous programme. The point was to depict the typical structure of the show for people who didn’t know it: the substantial blue section of each bar (before Columbo first appears) usually just consists of […]

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation

    I’ve had a long-standing affection for Star Trek: The Next Generation, since it used to be shown on TV right after I got home from school and I would watch it almost every day.  I must have seen every episode several times when I was younger, but it was only recently that I went back […]