A sign saying, "Ombre e Cicheti" from Volto
A sign from Volto

Eating and Drinking in Venice

These are some notes of the places I like to go to for ombre and cicheti, drinking and eating... The bible for eating and drinking in Venice is Michela Scibilia's red book, "Venezia Osterie e Dintorni" ("A Guide to the Eateries of Venice"). Some people have emailed me to ask where you can get a copy of this; basically you can get them in any bookshop in Venice or Amazon UK seem to have copies. There are normally more interesting editions available from abebooks.

This page is a complete mess now, because I keep adding things when I think of them without checking the style, spelling, etc. A lot of this is copy-and-pasted from emails to people. I'm going to completely change the way this is structured when I have enough time - it'd be good to have location information as well, and it needs a blue jam bar guide style legend as well...

If you know of innaccuracies here, please let me know. The "research" involved in creating this page was hardly done under the best of circumstances. It was a fun summer, though. :)

Update (2012-08-09): most of these recommendations were so out of date that I think the page has little usefulness at the moment. I'm working on a more structured replacement.