Redundant iPod Rant

This page used to have a long story about my experiences with the Apple iPods I've had, written when the devices weren't quite so ubiquitous as they are now. However, it seems completely redundant nowadays, so I've reduced this page to the few points below. Please don't send me email about problems with your iPod, or (as one person did) copy me on giant and tedious email missives to Apple. Almost everything comes up on the IpodLounge forums so try searching there or using Apple's iPod support pages.

The broken power adapter
The broken power adapter.
Damage to iPod's remote control
Damage to iPod's remote control
Glowing iPod displaying 'OK to disconnect'

A small scan of part of iPod's instructions

¹ In an interesting linguistic tic, "iPod" is consistently used in the documentation as a proper noun; it never takes an article. For example, an instruction might say, "In order to recharge iPod", as if "iPod" were like "Geoffrey". This seems to be a fairly recent branding fad - other examples include "TiVo" and Tate Modern.

I gather that the documentation for other Apple products isn't quite consistent about when they drop articles. For instance, the documentation for iBook uses "iBook" without articles, but then refers to "your iPod" or "the iPod"...